The significance of the metronome in the vision therapy program.

The significance of the metronome and its applications and implementations in the vision therapy program has been lost more and more although the effect of it can be incredibly huge.

Why and when can a metronome work integrating? 

The use of rhythm as an additional external stimulus during vision therapy increases the cognitive level when performing the exercises. The various visual skills which are necessary to run a similarly specific exercise, must each be adapted to the specified rhythm.

So the level of certain skills may be too low executing them efficiently, under time pressure, which means that the performance  is still not good enough integrated in the visual system.

And what can be more important to get the improvements integrated in the visual system without being lost over time?

The use of the metronome is especially recommended when training with children.

Mostly those children, don’t have enough structure and therefore training on a rhythm is a proper tool to convert their chaos into a good controlled performance.

The child perceives different  stimuli but cannot decide which stimuli are important to perform that specific task. He can’t direct himself to the essential stimuli.

Rhythm can then be at that moment the stimulus whereat he can fixate his attention to without being distracted.

For instance when performing an accommodation exercise like reading from near to far and vice versa, the metronome can guide this kind of exercise.

First the child has to master the exercise without metronome and then he has to accomplish the exercise in a specific rhythm. If the accommodative and saccadic skills show low performance, the level of exercise must be adapted so that the given rhythm stimulus can be integrated with the visual task.

Also people showing divergence disorders can benefit when performing visual training on a rhythm. Especially when training the convergence skills, the tempo will make the attention skill stronger so that the tension and tendency to converge will be established easier.

There are so many situations in which the metronome during vision therapy can be integrated.