Pay extra attention to myopia and presbyopia during the winter period !


People showing these visual related problems can experience more visual discomfort, caused by several factors :

  • the light is less bright
  • more near work, less visual flexibility
  • less outdoor activities
  • more stressful situations
  • more digital related activities usual exhibiting an incorrect  body posture

These factors can influence the vision problem in a negative way.

Both visual conditions, myopia and presbyopia may increase under those factor-related situations :

During this specific time of the year, a myopia can encounter an even more reduced vision at distance – a more rigid vision – headaches after sustained near work – loves to increased the minus correction at distance….

A presbyopia will feel the need to apply more visual effort at near – less visual stamina/flexibility – will loves to use his reading glasses at a more increased distance – when wearing no reading glasses yet, will avoid near work if possible due to the blurred vision….

Set up a vision therapy program!

Use a vision training myopia set or a presbyopia set from Optomatters.


*image from a myopia set